Most of the reports are required to show their details, for instance, display documents which have an influence on results of report. This function can be done very simply using DCS. You can customize different data groupings or open an object of configuration by double-clicking.
If you are a developer 1C or write in PHP, or C++, it does not matter, but sooner or later you will be faced with XML. Why? Because it is universal, convenient, ubiquitous, cool, cross-platform. XML correctly understands in Android, Windows and Linux, etc. It is used for the exchange of information. It is used to store information. In this post, I will explain how to read XML using 1C mechanism XDTO. You can see that the code is very simple, and no conversion is not required for XML values.
For generation the API from Google is used (http: // By creating the necessary URL, it is possible to download a picture generated using API. It is made without the use of external components in order that it was guaranteed to work in the web-client.
1С:Enterprise 8 platform has the necessary tools to provide a multi-threading, but in practice these tools are undeservedly forgotten.
Over the years of work with different customers, we have accumulated quite a lot of 1C:Enterprise performance statistics on different equipment. Of course, performance is highly dependent on the particular solution used in the company, therefore, for the objective assessment we used the same test developed by our own.
Having started a quarter century ago with development of «electronic teletype», the businessmen created the network for the sale of software that is envied by the largest retailers.
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  • On release of MINI server "1C:Enterprise 8" for 5 connections

    «1С» company announces the release in 09.12.2013 of software product "1С:Enterprise 8.3. Server MINI for 5 connections".
    This product is a server of «1С:Enterprise 8.3» of PROF level which provides the launch of no more than five sessions of users in the «1С:Enterprise» mode and one more session in the «Designer» mode (six connections in all each of which requires the client license). In this case, no more than one operating server can be in the server cluster. The operation of 32-bit and...

    9 December 2013, 10:37

  • «1С» has registered in Windows Azure

    Microsoft and «1С» company agreed to lease «1С.Enterprise 8» through Windows Azure. Such scheme, according to the «1С» partners, will find demand from the customers, but will not be suitable for those who do not want or cannot give his data to the foreign data centers.

    Leasing of «1С» and infrastructure

    «1С» company and Microsoft agreed to lunch the pilot projects for «1С.Enterprise 8» publication on the platform Windows Azure. The browser access to the Russian software...

    8 November 2013, 20:18

  • On price change for the client and server licenses of "1С:Enterprise 8" system

    In accordance with decision taken as a result of discussion 28.09.2013 at the seminar of "1С" company partners, from 30.12.2013 it is planned to set new prices for the client and server licenses of the PROF level of "1С:Enterprise 8" system sold in the Russian Federation.

    "1С" company announces in advance the planned price changes, so that the users and partners had the time for calm assessment of the situation and making deliberate decision to but or upgrade the client licenses and...

    21 October 2013, 21:44

  • New licenses of CORP level for "1С:Enterprise 8.3" platform

    "1С" company has released a new type of licenses for "1С:Enterprise 8.3" platform - CORP level. These licenses are available both with the software and hardware protection (USB). CORP licenses extend the platform capabilities.

    "1С:Enterprise 8.3" server of CORP level provides the user with enhanced features compared with the "normal" 64-bit server:

    background update of database configuration;
    additional control on the distribution over the operating...

    23 September 2013, 18:40

  • Russian company ALP Group became the first partner of «1С» company in the USA and presented it solutions at the exhibition «CRM Evolution 2013»

    ALP Group became the first franchisee partner of «1С» company in the USA and participated in the exhibition «CRM Evolution 2013» which took place from 19 to 21 august in the hotel Marriott in New York. The main theme of exhibition was to improve the...

    16 September 2013, 23:56

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