Configuration Update

At the first step, a user can change a separate update file for the configuration update or search for possible locations of update files.

If you select a separate update file, you have to choose it on the next step to launch the configuration update process.

If you select the update search option, you will get a list of possible locations on the second step:

  • the current template directory by default;
  • removable disks (the v8updates directory is added for CR-ROM disks);
  • an address that is specified as the update directory address in the configuration.

If the Update Directory Address configuration property contains an address that can be used to obtain the configuration update, clicking Next invokes the user authentication procedure.

Selected directories are searched for updates as the following:

  • The specified local directories and subdirectories are searched for update files and template list files. Found template list files should describe the template directories and should be located at the root of these directories;
  • The specified remote directories are searched for template list files. Other directories (subdirectories) are not searched.

At the third step, you will see updates for which templates were found. Files that most probably can be used for configuration updates are marked in the list.

If you pick an update in a remote directory, this update will be copied to the current template directory (if it is local).

Click Finish to start the configuration update process.

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