External data source function wizard

The wizard is intended for creating external data source functions.

If you click Manually and then click Finish, a function that does not have an expression in the data source is created. You can specify the expression in the data source in the function properties.

If you click Select from list of external data source functions, you proceed to a step-by-step function creation. This option requires access to the data source.

At the next step (after you click Next) the Connect to data source window is displayed.

Once you connect to the data source, the list of its functions is displayed.

In the Expression in data source column, select the check boxes for the functions and expressions that you want included in the external data source description.

If you have created functions for this data source earlier, the check boxes next to these functions are already selected. To exclude functions or expressions, clear the check boxes next to them.

In the Name in configuration column, specify the name used for registering the function or expression in the configuration.

In the Type column, specify the data type.

In the Comment column, you can add a comment to the function or expression.

If you select the Remove functions not available in the external data source from the configuration check box, the functions that are not available in the external data source (for example, functions that were deleted from the data source) are removed from the configuration upon wizard completion.

The changes that you make are marked in bold.

To complete the wizard, click Finish. Then the functions are added to (or removed from) the external data source description. You can edit the function descriptions using the property palette.

If the configuration contains references to functions that are not selected in the wizard, the functions are marked in red.

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