Search in lists

Quick search

For fast navigation to the required list row or cell, just type the required value.

Note. For a hierarchical list with hierarchical view mode set, the search is performed only by sorted columns (they are marked with a black triangle on the right side of the header). To search the entire catalog, disable hierarchical view mode.

Custom search

This is the most powerful option that enables you to search for any value and in any direction.

To start searching, select Edit – Find (Ctrl+F). After specifying the required conditions click Find button.

If there are multiple matching values in the list, the cursor will stop on the first occurrence. You can continue search with the same criteria by selecting Edit – Find Next or Edit – Find Previous.

The toolbar also contains a special control to enter a search string. You can use this control to search a row without opening the search dialog box. To use this element, enter the string you need and press Enter or one of the search buttons on the toolbar.

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