This dialog box is used for navigating to the selected window, closing one or more windows displayed in Normal mode, arranging windows horizontally or vertically and saving changes to the configuration.

To open a dialog box...
select Windows from the Windows menu on the main menu. The dialog box will show a list of all open windows.

Closes the Windows dialog box and moves to the selected window.

Saves changes.
Window arrangement

If the work area of the program contains several windows, you can arrange these windows on the screen using the Arrange button.

Arranges selected windows from left to right.
Arranges selected windows from top to bottom.
Arranges selected windows in a cascade.
Merging and Splitting Windows
In Designer mode, the Windows dialog box has two additional buttons: Merge and Separate used to merge two windows in the Normal state with the Linkable property activated.

If this option is checked, the list of windows is sorted alphabetically.

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