Edit Choice Parameters

This dialog builds a list of values for selection parameters that are used to select the values of the choice form for this field in the run mode.

To add a parameter, click the Add button. In the Presentation column you should specify an arbitrary name for the value that is entered to the Value column.

When you enter a value for the first time you should first specify its type. Click the T button to do it (or press F4). Select the required type from the list of types and then select the required value.

If the Fixed Array type is selected, the repeated click of the selection button will open a dialog to enter the values. To add a value for an array, click the Add button. This will add a line to the list for which you should specify the type. After a type is selected, an icon for the (T) button will be replaced with a value selection icon. Clicking this button will open selection of values for this type. To change the value type click the clear button and select the type again. To complete entering values for a fixed array, click the OK button.

If another type should be used for the entered parameter value, when editing this value you should click the clear button in the Value column and then select the required type and enter a new value.

To delete values that are not needed, point to the row containing this value and click the Delete button.

To complete building the parameter choice list click the OK button.

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