Content of Common Attribute

To set up the content of an attribute, in the configuration tree select a common attribute and in the properties palette for the Content property click the Open link.

A form to configure the common attribute content is opened. The form has two panes: the upper pane displays all the metadata objects the selected common attribute can be used for while the lower one lists the objects that you can specify if the common attribute is used.

The Content and Auto-use properties define if the common attribute belongs to application objects. The content lists the metadata objects that may have common attributes defined. The Use field may have one of the following values for each metadata object:

  • Use a common attribute has been added for the object;
  • Do not use no commmon attribute is added for the object;
  • Auto –if Auto-use = Use, the object has a common attribute added, otherwise – no.

Common attributes may be added to objects (by including an object into a common attribute content):

  • Constants (displayed if attribute property Data split = Split);
  • Catalogs;
  • Documents;
  • Sequences (implicitly and if attribute property Data split = Split);
  • Document journals (implicitly and if attribute property Data split = Split);
  • Charts of characteristics types;
  • Charts of accounts;
  • Charts of calculation types;
  • Business processes;
  • Tasks;
  • Information registers;
  • Accumulation registers;
  • Accounting Registers;
  • Calculation registers;
  • Exchange plans;
  • Scheduled jobs (displayed if attribute property Data split = Split);
  • Infobase user (displayed if attribute property Data split = Split).

Note: Common attribute name should not be the same as any name of metadata object fields that are included in the common attribute.

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