Standard attributes and standard tabular sections properties editor

To open the settings form for standard attributes in an edit window, press the Standard attributes button in the Data tab, select the Actions - Standard Attributes menu item or select the matching command in the properties palette or context menu of the edited object.

Standard attributes properties editor is available for the following types of objects:

Exchange Plan
Chart of Characteristic Types
Chart of Accounts
Chart of Calculation Types
Accounting Register
Accumulation Register
Calculation Register
Information Register
Business Process
Document Journal
<Tabular section>

For the "Chart of Accounts" and "Chart of Calculation Types" objects there is an additional option of setting up standard tabular sections. The list of standard tabular sections is opened, like the list of standard attributes, by the Standard tabular sections command.

The settings (e.g. Name, Code etc.) are edited in the property palette. Instead of a standard name, a synonym can be specified and used in a similar way to a standard name. Other settings are available. The set of settings depends on the attribute type.

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