All Roles

If a configuration uses multiple roles, it is recommended that the All Roles window is used for convenient viewing and editing of rights.

To open this window in the configuration object tree of the Configuration window click the Roles branch (or the root object in the configuration object tree) and select All Roles from the context menu.

The window contains two table boxes. The first field (the left one, representing configuration object tree) is used to select the required configuration object.

The first column of the second table box contains a list of rights for the selected object. The other columns are used to specify the usage of each right for every existing role.

To set or remove all the rights for any role, check or uncheck the permission checkbox in the first row of the table box.

To set or remove all permissions for a certain right in all the roles, check or uncheck permission checkbox in the first row of the table box.

Below the rights list the list of data fields access restrictions is located. In order to edit a restriction, it is required to first select a role.

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