Find References

Use this dialog box to enter a list of objects (documents, catalogs), and to obtain for each of them a list of references to this object from other objects in the infobase.

To open the dialog box select the Operations  - Find References to Objects menu item.

The window will consist of two lists. Use the upper one to create the list of objects to which you want to find all references. The lower one will contain the found references.

Select objects for which to find references 
To fill this list, use the Add and Delete current buttons. In addition you can open a selected object for viewing or editing by clicking the Open button.
  • Add
    Opens a dialog box for selecting the type of object to be added to the list. After you select a type, a dialog box will open for selecting an actual object. Later on you can change an object by double clicking the row in the list.
  • Delete Current
    Lets you delete a previously created object from the list.
  • Open
    Lets you open an object in the list for viewing and editing.

Use the Find button to find references to the currently selected objects.

Warning! Finding the references may take a long time if the infobase is large.

References to an object

A list of found references to the current object (in the list of those selected) will display in the lower part of the "References to an object" window. To open the object containing a reference for viewing and editing, double click or use the Open button.

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