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Important! Operations with menu wizard are possible if Managed application and ordinary application configuration edit mode is selected for running.

To display the menu wizard, select Actions - Add at the Main / Interfaces branch of the configuration object tree. The menu wizard window will open.

The wizard contains two lists: the submenu list and the submenu command (items) list. The first list contains submenus that are created by default.

Check the submenus that should be included in the main menu. To specify the set of commands, check all the commands for a selected submenu in the commands list. For example, for the Catalogs submenu, commands for operations with configuration catalogs will be displayed.

Use the Move up and Move down buttons to arrange the menu items and commands as required.

By default the lists of submenus and commands are built for all subsystems of a configuration. If more than one subsystem is defined for a configuration, and if the interface that is created is intended for a certain type of activity, you can prepare the required submenus and commands by selecting the appropriate subsystems. To achieve this, press the By subsystems button and specify the subsystems related to the created interface.

You can select multiple subsystems. If a chosen subsystem has subordinate subsystems, you can include all the objects of the subsystem by checking a box next to that branch and setting the Include objects from subordinate subsystems window attribute checkbox.

If the specified subsystem does not belong to the highest level, to include objects from higher level subsystems you have to check the Include objects from parent subsystems option. For example, you need to select all objects of the Marketing subsystem and common configuration objects but without objects of the TradeAccounting subsystem. Select the Marketing subsystem and check the Include objects from parent subsystems option.

The menu wizard for the selected subsystem will only put objects related to specified subsystem in submenu and command lists. The developer can adjust these lists manually.

Click Built to create the main menu. The interface editor will open.

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