Support Rules Settings

To change support rules select the Configuration - Support - Support Options menu item.

You can set user rules in this dialog box.

You cannot change a vendor's support rules. You can only change user rules (if the configuration is not under full support).

If the vendor prohibits editing, then you cannot change the support rules for a specific object. You must cancel support of the entire configuration.

Select the required user rule out of three available user rules:

  • supplier object is not editable;
  • supplier object is editable, support is enabled;
  • support cancelled for supplier object.

The availability of these rules depends on the supplier support rules.

If the supplier support rule Changes allowed is enabled, you may use any supplier rules.
If the supplier support rule Changes not recommended is enabled, you can also use any supplier rule but a warning message will be displayed if you attempt to change this rule.

If the supplier support rule Changes not allowed is enabled, you may not use any supplier rules.

IMPORTANT! Once you enable custom rule Support cancelled for supplier object, you cannot resume the Supplier object is not editable rule.

If a selected object contains multiple subordinate objects, check the Apply to all subordinate objects option to modify the support rules for these objects as well.

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