This list is available to users that have the Saving user data right.

1C:Enterprise saves the history of user actions automatically. You can use the history for quick access to infobase objects (documents, catalog items, and so on) that were recently created or edited.

The history of user actions is stored in the infobase. Within a one day period, the history stores each object as a single record (the latest object change record replaces the previous record for this object). The maximum number of history records is 400 for each user. If the number of records exceeds 400, each new record replaces the oldest one.

To view the history, click the History button on the toolbar, run the Tools - History main menu command, or press Ctrl+Shift+H. This opens the entire list of history items, grouped by days. The Open items group contains the items that are currently open. Clicking a history item opens the object form of this item.

You can use the quick search field at the top right part of the window. In the search field, start typing the item name. The list will be filtered to include only items that contain the search string (for example, searching for "or" will return "Purchase order" and "Sales order").
To cancel the search, clear the search field.

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