Spreadsheet Document Page Setup

To configure the page setup of a spreadsheet document, select File - Page setup.

In the window that opens, you can specify the paper size and orientation, define margins, select headers and footers, enter the scale and the number of copies to be printed.

The Size field allows you to select the required paper size.
Use the radio button to select between Portrait and Landscape print orientation.
Use the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom fields to specify the margins for printing.
Headers and footers
The ‘Headers and footers' group is intended to specify the size of the sheet area that will be used to print headers and footers. Sizes are entered in millimeters and calculated from the top or bottom margin to the respective sheet edge.
Using the Scale and Page width radio buttons you can specify the scale to be used to print the spreadsheet.
The Scale field is intended to enter a scale to apply when printing the spreadsheet (percentage). This scale does not affect the document viewing scale in the spreadsheet editor.
If Page width is checked, the scale is calculated automatically so that the document fits one sheet (by width) during printing.
Copies per page
Allows you to select the number of document copies that will be located on a single page upon printing (copies are located one under another).
If the Auto option is checked, the number of copies will be determined automatically: if the selected sheet size and margins allow you to fit 2 document copies in full, two copies will be printed (otherwise only one copy).
Black and white
If this mode is enabled, the colors specified for the spreadsheet will be ignored and the document will be printed in black and white.

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