Conditional Appearance Settings

How to open conditional appearance settings
How to set a condition
How to specify formatted fields

To open the conditional appearance settings form, open the form and click Open in the attribute editor for an attribute of the Dynamic List type in the properties palette.

Settings created in this form are used for managing the appearance of required fields when satisfying a given condition. For example: if you need to highlight (by changing the background color, text color, or by other means) contractors whose delivery returns exceed a certain amount in contractors list.

A conditional formatting settings' form lists created records of conditional appearance.

If the Detailed button is selected, the list will display detailed data for the records (selected appearance, condition, formatted fields and user presentation of current conditional appearance).

To add a new conditional appearance record click Add.

Select checkboxes for conditional appearance parameters that will be used for display, and select appearance value for each parameter. Click OK.

Form a condition on which the appearance parameters will be applied. To do so, click the selection button in the Condition cell. Click Add and enter an expression that consists of a left and right sections, a comparison type, and a user representation of the condition. It is recommended to give logical representations, as they are more clear to users than the expression itself.

In the Formatted Fields column specify the fields that will be formatted according to the conditional appearance parameters when particular conditions arise. To do so, click the selection button in the cell. Click Add and specify a formatted field. Repeat this operation for as many fields as needed.

Enter a representation for the created record. E.g. "Highlight lines with no payments."

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