Go to link

To navigate to a link, click Tools – Go to link and in the dialog that opens either specify a previously saved link text or type it.

To paste a link from the clipboard, click Paste.

To open a link, click Go To. If an incorrect link is entered, the Invalid command warning will be displayed.

1C:Enterprise links are formatted in compliance with RFC 1738, 1808, 2368, 2396. To distinguish these links from other types (e.g. "http" or "file") the "e1cib" schema identifier is used.

1C:Enterprise has multiple types of links: navigation links, links to data (infobase objects) and links to metadata (reports and data processors).

Examples of links:
Navigation link: e1cib/navigationpoint/Sales/Document.ProductExpense.Command.OpenList
Link to an object: e1cib/data/Document.ProductExpense?ref=8ca0000d8843cd1b11dc8d043d71007f
Link to a report or data processor: e1cib/app/Report.SalesProgress


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