ChartOfCharacteristicTypesObject.<Chart of characteristic types name>.SetDeletionMark


SetDeletionMark(<DeletionMark>, <IncludingSubordinates>)


<DeletionMark> (required)

Type: Boolean.
Deletion mark set / removal flag.
True indicates the mark is set; False indicates the mark is removed.

<IncludingSubordinates> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
If the parameter is set to True, then they will be flagged for deletion, except for the current item with all its subordinate items in the current account and in all subordinate accounts.
If the parameter is set to False, only this item is marked for deletion.
Default value: True.


Sets/removes the deletion mark for the chart of characteristic types. The object isn't deleted from the database. Definite deletion of flagged accounts occurs during the flagged objects' deletion.


Server, thick client, external connection.


Applying the method results in the BeforeWrite event launching, as the DeletionMark modified property is saved.
If object is modified, then executing the method returns an exception.


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