You can use it to specify a set of string length restriction options. Use it to determine properties AllowedLength and in the object constructor StringQualifiers, if a specified string length is more than zero.


Thin client, web-client, server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (client), Mobile application (server).
Exchange with server is possible. The given object may be serialized to/from XML. Can be used in attributes of managed form. The given object may be serialized to/from XDTO. The XDTO type correspoding to this object is defined in {} namespace. XDTO type name: AllowedLength.

See also:

StringQualifiers, property AllowedLength
StringQualifiers, constructor Based on string description
MetadataObject: ChartOfCalculationTypes, property CodeAllowedLength
MetadataObject: Task, property NumberAllowedLength
MetadataObject: BusinessProcess, property NumberAllowedLength
MetadataObject: Catalog, property CodeAllowedLength
MetadataObject: Document, property NumberAllowedLength
MetadataObject: ChartOfCharacteristicTypes, property CodeAllowedLength
MetadataObject: ExchangePlan, property CodeAllowedLength


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