Creating a Configuration Object

To create a configuration object:
in the configuration tree, highlight the name of the desired configuration object type, or any existing configuration object of the type that the new object should be
in the Configuration window, select Actions - Add.

A new object will appear on the chosen branch of the configuration tree, and a properties palette or an Edit dialog box will be called to the screen for you to edit the properties of the new object. For objects with large sets of editable properties, an Edit dialog box can be called in addition to the properties palette.

For some types of objects, the system has Form Designers, supplemental tools that make it easier to develop configuration object forms in the 1C:Enterprise system. These are launched to create new forms.

A new configuration object is assigned a conventional name consisting of a word that corresponds to the type of the object created, and a number-the sequence number of the new configuration object. The object properties palette will contain the default property values.

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