Solutions for educational institutions

Solutions described in this article are only available in CIS countries.
1C:Education. School solutions

1C:Education. School solutions are intended to establish and manage academic activities. The solutions make it possible to establish academic activities based on heavy reliance on digital educational resources, including those of the Unified Collection of the Digital Educational Resources as well as on educational products included in 1C:School, 1C:Laboratory, and 1C:Higher School. The solutions support various types of academic activities both in class and on home computers and are installed both as a local version and as a network (client/server) version. The solutions can be used efficiently in educational institutions featuring varying levels of equipment availability and different forms of academic activities.

The 1C:Education. School package of solutions is supplied with Development Environment for Digital Educational Resources which makes it possible to create questions and build tests out of such questions as well as generate media object descriptions and rubricators.

1C:Education. Home platform is used to develop educational systems for the major school disciplines in the 1C:School series intended for use with equal efficiency both at home and at school. Such systems can be used to master teaching materials, prepare homework, test one's knowledge and also for a teacher to carry a lesson out. The systems include various descriptive media manuals, reference materials, troubleshooting, training and verification tests.

All the series are constantly updated with new disks released. You can learn more about the solutions at (in Russian).

1C:Laboratory series

1C:Laboratory series of products is intended for students to find answers to the questions they are interested in on their own, no matter what field the questions belong to. The answers are found via experiments in virtual laboratories. The products also increase the interest in the disciplines studied. The materials included in this series are intended first of all for family-based education. The educational systems that are part of 1C:Laboratory series include interactive patterns, virtual experiments, research laboratories, video clips, interactive tasks, additional reference materials, and self-test materials.

1C:Higher School series

The series of solutions is intended for students of the higher education and serves for self-paced studies of general disciplines studied in higher education institutions. The solutions cover the main sections of the courses included. They combine fundamental theoretic materials with the power of advanced information technologies which makes it possible to learn the disciplines on one's own. The solutions will enable students to learn the courses on their own as well as prepare themselves to pass tests and exams.

1C:Audiobooks series

Classics and modern books, business books and poems, science fiction and fantasy, bios of well-known personalities and historical novels – all of these are covered by 1C:Audiobooks series. The sound for the books that we publish is recorded by professional artists which makes it possible to listen to your favorite books sounding different – sometimes unexpectedly different – and feel that you actually participate in the actions.

Audio books make it possible to familiarize yourself with new books even if you don't have time to read them because audio books offer the freedom of experiencing a book with your eyes and hands unoccupied. This means a new level of convenience and freedom compared to reading printed texts.

The series includes books that are studied at school.
Main recording format: MP3.

You can read a detailed list of the audio books we publish at (in Russian).

1C:Knowledge Collection series

This package includes the best products of Russian developers focused on various knowledge domains that are intended to improve one's expertise in a certain fields and are not mandatory to study at school. The products include unique photos and videos, rare archive document from public and private collections, newsreels, and historical materials. The products can be used both for individual learning and for work in a class. They can also be interesting for a wide range of users. The interface and content of the disks in the series vary significantly but in general the operating principles are simple enough, demonstrative and do not pose significant difficulties in mastering. You can read further information on some of the available products in the electronic materials available on a CD.

1C:Education Collection series

The collection includes the best products of the Russian developers focused on general subjects and language courses. Multimedia education packages are intended for secondary school and can also be used for exam preparation.

The methods developed specifically for computer-based education, large volume of carefully selected materials, and intellectual assessment tools are all the basis for detailed study of a subject.

1C:Computer World series

This series includes more than five dozens of titles and provides learning courses on software, hardware, etc. (tutorials for enhancing user productivity and skills) developed by 1C partners.

The multimedia courses are intended for self-paced learning of common office applications and ensure efficient mastering of software products.

1C:Practice series

The 1C:Practice products are intended for individual learning of materials. They are simple to use and have low system requirements.

In order to support the Uniform State Examination initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation we have developed the solutions that are part of the 1C:Practice. Taking Uniform Examination series. These solutions are intended for high school students, graduates, their parents, and organizers of the Uniform State Examination. The solutions include tests on all the 14 disciplines that students can take the uniform examination in and normative documents related to the examination. For the major school disciplines (Russian language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology) there are also disks available that contain multimedia training program.

1C:Practice. Uniform Examination, 9th Grade package of solutions has been developed to prepare the students of the 9th grade of the general educational institutions to the final state certifying examination in the new form. The package is intended to the students themselves as well as to their teachers and parents.

The content of the solutions intended to prepare to the uniform state examination and final state certifying examination is updated annually.

1C:Business Course series

Multimedia training courses are intended for individual learning of the specialists who care about their career and professional advancement. The courses cover various industrial tricks and enable the students to apply the example they learn in order to reach their goals.

1C:Enterprise Developer's Community