The program described in this article is only available in CIS countries.

1C:Multimedia is an association of stores that sell software for home computers.

  • 1C:Multimedia means a uniform style for departments of stores belonging to the Association, interior recognition and attractiveness;
  • 1C:Multimedia means extensive advertising for Association stores in the press and at exhibitions;
  • 1C:Multimedia means the ability to work with a large, reliable distributor that provides a wide range of domestic and foreign game and multimedia products at low prices;
  • 1C:Multimedia means information and methodological support from 1C and the leading Russian developers of game and multimedia products who supply to 1C.
  • 1C:Multimedia means delivery throughout Russia and the CIS for Association members.

When you contact any store in the 1C:Multimedia Association, you can be certain you will get a full line of high-quality services: qualified consultation that helps you make the right choice, try out the working or demo versions, and buy the program you want. You will always be able to find the most interesting and popular multimedia programs, from games and development programs for children to teaching systems and comprehensive encyclopedias, in our stores.


By joining the 1C:Multimedia Association, you will gain the opportunity to work under a known and recognizable trademark. The brand's popularity can attract new buyers who know that they will certainly find the program they need in your store.

Stores and store departments that belong to the 1C:Multimedia Association are laid out in a uniform style, which guarantees product displays will be recognized and attracts buyers. We will help you buy trade equipment at the lowest prices, and offer standard display components for free. 1C provides advertising for your store in the print media and at exhibitions, listing your address and telephone number, supports all your efforts to promote the 1C:Multimedia trademark, and subsidizes your advertising costs.

We want it to be profitable for you to sell licensed software, so we carefully track trends in the gaming and multimedia markets. Based on monthly sales figures, we identify the best-selling home programs and offer the deepest discounts for that set of products. Thus, you will always have the ability to offer your clients the latest hits at the most attractive prices.

1C, which is one of the largest distributors of Russian and western software, offers you the widest line of software for home and office use.

1C provides consulting, methodological, and organizational support for the establishment and conduct of your business. At regular quarterly workshops for 1C partners, you can share experience with colleagues, discuss common problems, get consultation, help, or advice from 1C employees and representatives of game and multimedia developers, learn about market innovations at the unique “Software Openings” attended by leading Russian and foreign developers and publishers who supply to 1C.

If you wish, we will provide delivery to any city or town in Russia by the means convenient to you; delivery within Moscow is free.

  • is involved in issues related to the sale of computers and components;
  • distributes software products on the wholesale or retail markets;
  • has outlets in technical, computer, book, and similar stores.

We invite you to participate in the 1C:Multimedia program to distribute the most popular home software products.


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