Navigation Panel

The navigation panel displays the command structure according to the section selected in the sections panel. The commands on this panel mainly open list forms. Forms are opened directly in the main window, replacing each other.

Clicking a link (command) opens a form in the work area of the main application window. If Shift key is held down when clicking a link or a command, a form will be opened in a separate window.

Commands and subsections of the navigation panel are grouped, with groups separated by indent. The See also group is additionally distinguished by a label. Thus, there is a total of three groups: the first group displays important commands; the second group displays regular commands, and the third group (See also) displays auxiliary or rarely used commands.

Assigning the commands to groups is carried out in the Designer mode.

You can customize the contents of the navigation panel using the Navigation Panel Setup command from the context menu (opened by right-clicking). In the opened dialog box, you can check the required commands and subsections and uncheck the unneeded ones.

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