Editing a constant

To work with a constant and conventionally constant information, the system uses objects of the type Constant.

Data stored in constants rarely changes, but as a rule, it is used often in work. For example, constants can store the name of the enterprise, its tax ID, the names of the director and chief accountant, and other detailed information.

The "Constants" branch of the configuration object tree is designed for working with constants. The branch contains two subbranches: "Constants", which consists of a list of constants, and "Forms", which consists of a list of forms crated for inputting and editing the values of constants.

Constants are edited in the property palette.

Properties of a Constant

In addition to shared properties inherent in all metadata objects, constants possess several specific properties.

A constant's type may be any of the standard configuration types ("Date", "Number", "CatalogRef", "DocumentRef", etc.) or compound (consisting of a set of various types). Depending on the type selected, the property palette may contain additional properties that refine the selected type.

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