Sections panel

The sections panel displays the list of top-level sections, enabling quick switching between them. Each section corresponds to a specific subsystem (such as Sales, Purchasing, or Inventory).

Desktop is always displayed as the first section. Remaining sections correspond to the subsystems of the first hierarchy level and are ordered alphabetically by default.

If all the sections do not fit the sections panel, a scrolling arrow appears at the right side.

Sections can be represented by their names and pictures. If a section name exceeds three lines, it is cut and supplemented with an ellipsis, you can move the pointer over the section name to view a tooltip with the full section name.

The sections panel can be unavailable if sybsystems are not included in the command interface in the configuration settings.

To customize the assortment of sections and their order, on the main menu, point to View, and click Sections panel setup, or right-click anywhere in the sections panel and click Sections panel setup.

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