Support and Service

Use of the standard platform and application solutions in all 1C:Enterprise programs means that the system can be maintained at an industrial level.

The 1C Corporation provides support for standard application solutions and the platform. The 1C:Enterprise platform allows you to combine application solution updates performed by 1C or a special solution developer and certain changes made at the implementation stage.

Currently there are tens of thousands specialists professionally installing and adapting 1C:Enterprise application solutions in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states. The 1C Corporation trains and certifies specialists on a regular basis (including the development of 1C:Enterprise 8 based training system).

Many of the specialists professionally installing 1C:Enterprise solve not only tasks connected to the support and development of application solutions, but they also provide consulting services assisting in the decision making process in establishing companies' management and accounting procedures.

There is a large number of franchising firms in each region providing an entire range of services for comprehensive automation based on the 1C:Enterprise program system - from consultations on selecting the most suitable programs to training and custom setup of the system.

Specialists of franchising firms provide support for an entire range of standard application solutions and, if necessary, can assist in the implementation of special solutions or a custom adaptation. An opportunity to pass a project from one implementer to another is one more important feature. The 1C:Enterprise system mechanism makes it possible quickly to bring up to date new specialists and pass support of the application solution to those who can provide the best service. Therefore the availability of real implementation experience and the support of 1C:Enterprise solutions guarantee the customer's independence from a single firm or specialist, viability of the implemented project and its problem-free support and development.

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