To open the Favorites form, click the Favorites button on the Tools panel or click the Favorites panel.

The panel contains links to data and commands that were previously added to the list of favorites. Clicking a favorites item executes the command or opens the appropriate object form.

Use the pin button next to the item name to add or remove the item to or from the list of pinned ones. Pinned items are displayed at the top of the list.

To rename an item, click the Edit button (the pencil) in the item row or press F2.
To rearrange the items, drag them up or down.
To delete an item from the list, click the Delete button.
To undo deleting an item, click the Undo delete "<item>" link.

Searching Favorites

To search the favorites, use the search field, or press Ctrl + F, or start typing the item name (this puts the cursor to the search field). This hides the items that do not include the search string and highlights the parts that match the search string. To cancel the search and return to the full list of favorites, clear the search field.


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