Education software

Education software solutions that are distributed exclusively by 1C are only available in CIS countries. They are divided into the following series:

The 1C:Education Collection

The series includes products focused on general subjects and language courses. Multimedia education packages are intended for secondary school and can also be used for exam preparation.

The methods developed specifically for computer-based education, large volume of carefully selected materials, and intellectual assessment tools are all the basis for detailed study of a subject.

The 1C:Knowledge Collection

This package includes products focused on various knowledge domains and are intended to improve one's expertise in a certain field and are not mandatory to study at school. The products include unique photos and videos, rare archive document from public and private collections, newsreels, and historical materials. The products can be used both for individual learning and for work in a class. They can also be interesting for a wide range of users.

1C:Computer World

Training courses to study software products, hardware, etc (self-teaching solutions to increase users' work efficiency and skills). The multimedia learning solutions are intended for self-paced learning of common office applications and ensure effective mastering of software products.

The 1C:School Library

This project is intended to publish audio books in MP3 format. The series include books that are studied at school as well as other fiction books in MP3 and other formats that can be of interest to users aged 6 to 17. An audio book is a declamated fiction story that is intended to be listened to using a computer, music player or any other device that can play MP3 files.

1C:Enterprise Developer's Community