1C:Enterprise 8 Training Version

The 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform Training Version contains everything you need to develop, debug, and execute any application created based on 1C:Enterprise.

Once you have installed the 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform Training Version, you can run it locally and start developing new applications or customizing existing ones.

The 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform Training Version is a standard 1C:Enterprise 8 platform with the following limitations:

  • The volume of data is limited for documents, catalogs, charts of accounts, charts of characteristic types and other object tables:
    • Maximum number of records in account tables is 2000.
    • Maximum number of records in main object tables is 2000.
    • Maximum number of records in object tabular sections is 1000.
    • Maximum number of records in record sets is 2000.
  • Maximum number of records from external data sources is 200.
  • Client/server configuration is not supported.
  • Distributed infobases are not supported.
  • COM connection is not supported.
  • Passwords and operating system authentication are not supported.
  • Printing and saving spreadsheet documents are only supported in the Designer mode.
  • Performance is lower compared to the full 1C:Enterprise 8 version.
  • Copying content of multiple cells of a spreadsheet document is not supported in the 1C:Enterprise mode.
  • Operations with the configuration repository are not supported.
  • Configuration delivery features are not available.
  • Only one concurrent infobase session in possible.
  • The training version does not require any hardware or software protection key to run.

For a detailed view of all new changes in 1C:Enterprise Platform, see the update report (v8update.html).

For information on supported OS and DBMS, see the system requirements.

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