WS References

Add WS References
WS Reference Hierarchical Structure

1C:Enterprise 8 can use third-party Web services via static references created in the configuration tree.

Add WS References

To add a static reference to an external Web service to the configuration tree, select the WS reference branch and click Add in the context menu or the relevant command from the Actions menu.

You should type the URL of the added Web service description in the window that opens, e.g.

WS Reference Hierarchical Structure

The hierarchical structure of a WS reference can be viewed in the WS reference viewing window. Values of the reference element properties can be viewed in the properties palette.

In order to open a WS reference viewing window, select the required WS reference in the configuration tree and click Properties in the context menu. Then use a WS reference in the properties palette to open the viewing window for the WS reference.

The WS reference viewing window contains its hierarchical structure, displayed as a tree.

The first hierarchy level can include the following elements:

  • Data model contains the list of XDTO packages describing the type structure used by the Web services referred to by this WS reference;
  • Web services – a list of Web services to which this reference refers.

You can view data model structure and properties in the same way as for the XDTO packages; however, you cannot edit properties of packages displayed in the WS reference viewing window.

You can view Web services structure in the same way as for the Web services; however, each Web service has a list of supported connection points that also have a list of operations and their parameters.

Using different Web service connection points allows you to run operations using different protocols.

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