/ConfigurationRepositoryUpdateCfg [-v <repository version number>] [-revised] [-force] [-objects <object list file name>]

Updates the repository configuration from the repository (batch mode).

-v <repository version number>. Version number in the configuration repository. If the configuration is connected to the repository, ignore the version number and retrieve the latest repository configuration version. If the configuration is not connected to the repository, retrieve the specified version, and if the version is not specified (or -1 is specified as its value), retrieve the latest configuration version.
-revised. If this parameter is specified, get all objects from the repository, overwriting local changes. If this parameter is not specified, get only the objects that are not locked by the current user. If the configuration is not bound to a repository, this parameter is ignored.
-force. If upon batch configuration update new configuration objects should be retrieved from a repository or if existing objects should be removed, this option confirms that the user approves these actions. If the option is not specified, do not execute these actions.
-objects<object list file name>. Path to the XML file that contains the list of objects. If the parameter is specified, attempt to update only the objects specified in the file. If the parameter is not specified, attempt to update all configuration objects.

Attention! If you specify an object list file with its full path, ensure that all of the directories that form the path exist.

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