/ConvertFiles <file name|path>

Specifies batch conversion parameter for 1C:Enterprise 8.x files.

<file name|path>. File or directory name (mandatory option).

If you specify a directory, all available documents in this directory and its subdirectories are converted. Write access to the files to be converted is required. If you specify a read-only file, an error message is displayed.
If you specify a directory, read-only files are ignored and no error messages are displayed.
To use this feature, start Designer and open the configuration where you want to perform the conversion. You can specify the infobase name and authorization parameters as standard command-line options. If these parameters are not specified, you will be prompted to provide them, as in other similar Designer command-line options.

File conversion:   

        1cv8.exe /ConvertFiles d:/base/ExtProcessing.epf

Directory conversion:

        1cv8.exe /ConvertFiles d:/base

Attention! If you specify a file with its full path, ensure that all of the directories that form the path exist.

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