Predefined account

The Type attribute specifies the account type: Active, Passive, or Active/Passive.

Select the Off-balance check box for off-balance-sheet accounts. Off-balance-sheet accounts totals are not included in the balance sheet.

The Order field is used for entering the account sequence value, which is used to sort accounts in various lists (account lists, selections, etc.). You can use existing predefined attributes (such as Code, and Description) to play an account sequence role.

The first list enumerates accounting attributes defined for the Chart of accounts object. To specify that the account belongs to a certain accounting type, select the check box in the Accounted column.

You have to specify the following for each record of the list on the bottom of the form:

  • Select one of the predefined characteristic types in the Extra dimension type column.
  • If the branch Extra dimension type accounting flags has subordinate objects defined for the specific chart of accounts, the list is amended with the columns; the number of columns is equal to the number of these objects.
  • If the extra dimension participates in analytical accounting, select the check box for this extra dimension.


When working with the 1C:Enterprise system, the user can add his or her own accounts and subaccounts to the chart of accounts, and edit account properties, but cannot delete accounts and subaccounts created in Designer. The user can also edit predefined accounts.

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