Document Journal Print Wizard.

The print wizard is designed to create a template with specified named areas and a print procedure for an information register.

The wizard operates in step-by-step mode, enabling to proceed to the next phase using Next> button when the current group of actions is complete.

First, the wizard asks you
to select location for the report generation procedure, if it is a new procedure, and enter the name of procedure which will build the print form. Default name is Print.
If the procedure already exists, you can select it, and the wizard will overwrite it from scratch. The text previously entered in the body of the procedure will be lost.
When you click Next
the wizard proceeds to select header attributes. Create the attribute list using move buttons.
Then, the wizard asks you
to select call mode for the procedure, and view mode for the print form.

Pressing OK closes the print wizard.

This generates a template, and a print procedure will be generated automatically in the specified form.

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