Search by Document Number

To search a document in a document list or journal by number, select the Actions - Search by Number... Actions - Search by Number... option.

Enter the required number in the Document # field. When the search window opens, current document number is specified in it.

If the Find Substring checkbox is selected, you can specify only a part of the number in the Document # field.

A document search is executed in the date range. By default, the range is set according to the period of the document journal or list.

By the search, also filter elements of the list are considered that are set by the system or by program means and cannot be changed by user interactively. So the user can find only those documents that can be available for him/her , even if he/she deselects all possible filter elements.

If the search by document number results in finding a document that does not match user-defined filter that the user can change, the system informs about it and prompts to disable the filter. If the user accepts, the filter is disabled and positioning on that document is performed. Otherwise it is not done.

The query window contains a list of document types that are included in the current journal or list.

The Mark All and Unmark All buttons are located above the list of document types. When you press one of them, all document types are selected or deselected, correspondingly.

To perform a search, press the Find button. After the search is completed, found documents are shown in the Found list.

When you press the Select button in the document list or journal, the selected document becomes the current one, and the search window closes.

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