Editing Report

To describe reports, you can create unlimited number of them at the configuration stage.

Reports can have several forms used to enter report generation parameters, for example.

The algorithm used to obtain a report is described using the 1C:Enterprise script or data composition schema. To display reports, you can use either specialized tabular report format (templates) or text format.

The system also supports developing external reports stored in separate files, not in the configuration itself.

Report Properties

Reports have a number of common properties that are typical for all metadata objects.

You can edit a report in the edit window.

Main Data Composition Schema

A report can have several data composition schemas. Select the schema that will be used by default.

In the data composition schema, you can define some settings and options for the report.

An option is a set of the report settings picked out by the developer for some purpose. These options are stored in the data composition schema. For example, for the Sales Trends report, one report option may be a chart showing product sales by period, and another option may be a tabular report presenting product sales by customer. Each report option has its own set of custom settings.
When a data composition schema is used for the report, options described in the schema are presented to the user as standard report options.

The system enables you to create a new report option directly in the 1C:Enterprise mode. Its being done is recommended to experienced users only. In this case, new report option is saved in the report option storage and becomes available for extracting by other users.

Settings Form

The report can have several settings forms. Select the form that will be used as the default settings form.

Option form

The report can have several option forms. Select the form that will be used as the default option form.

Settings Storage

Select a metadata object to be used for the settings storage.

Options storage

Select a metadata object to be used for the report option storage.

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