Configuration extensions

Configuration extensions provide you with the option to store modifications to the main configuration in extension configurations. When you use extensions with a supported main configuration, you do not have to enable editing the main configuration. Extensions can be applied in 1C:Enterprise mode. Each area of a separated infomain can have a custom set of extensions.

Terms and definitions
Configuration to be extended
The main configuration where extensions are applied.
Configuration extension
A set of metadata objects that is attached to the main configuration. It contains native and adopted objects that are added to the main configuration.
Native metadata object
A metadata object containing all data required for its use. This data includes the objects of the main configuration and the objects added by the extension.
Adopted object
A reference to a native object of the main configuration. Cannot be used as a standalone object. Instead, it is attached to a native configuration object. It can include extending properties and properties with value checks. It can have native and adopted subordinate objects.
Extending property
A property of an adopted object that modifies a property of a native object in the main configuration.
Property with a value check
A property of an adopted configuration object whose value is checked when an extension is attached to the main configuration.

To manage configuration extensions, use the dialog box that is opened using the Configuration — Configuration extensions menu command.

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