Configuration template directories

If a user does not specify a template directory during the configuration installation, the platform creates the configuration template directory C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\Application Data\1C\1Cv8\tmplts.

For directories hosted on HTTP(S) and FTP servers, a template directory description file is used. This file contains the description of the entire template directory and is located in its root.

Editing configuration template directory lists includes adding configuration templates from other directories to the list and removing template elements (or entire templates together with their elements) from the list.

To add templates to the directory, select Actions - Add. This opens the Directory and template element selection assistant.

Select a directory to add templates from, and then select elements missing from the current directory.

To delete templates from the directory, select Actions - Delete. This opens the deletion dialog box. Select the deletion method (delete only specified elements or entire templates that include these elements) and then click OK.

The template directory description file is created using Actions - Create template list file option. You have to perform this action in order to update the template directory description with your changes (your additions and deletions).

The data that describes the selected directories is stored in the configuration file at C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\Application Data\1C\1CEStart\1CEStart.cfg.

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