In this dialog, the display options for 1C:Enterprise 8 help content and script (Syntax Assistant) are configured.

Using the radio buttons " Display in one window" and " Display in multiple windows" help can be displayed in one window or divided into independent windows (for example, "Content" is displayed in one window and the help chapter in the other).

To display the mechanism descriptions (objects, their properties, methods, events and wizards) in particular start modes, check the respective availability boxes. For example, to display objects available for execution on server, set the Server box. To display the integration (interaction with external programs and data exchange) and administration engines, check the Integration box. If multiple boxes are checked, the engines' descriptions will be displayed as unions of the selected availability modes.

Using the radio buttons "Tile horizontally" and "Tile vertically" the help information in the Syntax Assistant may be displayed horizontally (areas "Content", "Index" and "Search" to the left of the description field) or vertically (areas "Content", "Index" and "Search" at the top of the description field) and show terms in both languages (checkbox "Use both languages").

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