Verify and repair the infobase

To start infobase verification and repair mode in Designer choose Administration - Verify and Repair.

This dialog is used to set the infobase verification mode and options.

Before starting infobase repair it is recommended that verification be performed. Choose a repair method based on the results of the verification.

All verification steps except infobase table compression are enabled by default. You can change these settings.

Since the results of the verify and repair operation cannot be undone, it is strongly recommended that a backup copy of the infobase be made before running this operation.

List of infobase verification steps and operations

You can perform specific verification steps independently of others by selecting only the step or steps you wish to perform.


The "Verification mode" radio buttons group

allows you to specify whether to use verification-only mode or verification and repair mode.


The "If references to non-existent objects found" radio buttons group

allows you to specify what action to take when references to non-existent objects are encountered. You can choose either to create the objects or to delete the references. You can also choose not to correct errors of this kind.


The "If object data is partially lost" radio buttons group

allows you to define program behavior in cases where some object data is lost but the remaining data is sufficient to restore the lost data.


The "Execute" button

starts the verification and repair process.

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