Data Composition Settings Wizard

Data composition settings wizard helps you to work with data output parameters for reports.

When you launch this wizard, all previous manual settings may be lost, so a message appears saying, "Manual settings will be lost. Do you wish to continue?"

If you click "Yes", the data composition settings wizard is launched.

Select required data arrangement type and click Next>. If you don't want to set other parameters or want to do this manually, click OK. To abort report settings configuring, click Cancel.

In the opened field choice window, select fields that you want to display in the report. You can use buttons or dragging.

You can sort selected fields using up and down arrows.

Click Next> to continue setup.

For Table report type, you can set groupings in rows, columns or tables. For Chart report type, groupings can be in series, points and tables.

In the opened window, select fields and grouping type ("No hierarchy", "Hierarchy" or "Hierarchy only").
When you press Next>, the wizard offers you to select ordering fields.
You select them in the same way as grouping fields. For each field, you have to set sort order.

For List and Table report types, configuring of parameters by the settings wizard ends here. For Chart report type, after you have clicked Next>, you have to select chart type.

Click OK to save selected settings. If you want to cancel them, click Cancel.

After you close the data composition settings wizard, saved settings become available in the Data Composition Schema Wizard window for further changes.

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