Groupings' custom settings

Allows you to include grouping properties in the custom settings and define their properties.

Presentation - defines setting's presentation within the custom settings.

Edit mode - Quick access means that this setting will be used as a quick setting,
while Normal and Unavailable indicate that the setting does not belong to the quick settings.

Grouping - includes grouping in the custom settings.

Selected fields - includes selected grouping fields in the custom settings.

Filter - includes grouping filter in the custom settings.

Order - includes grouping order in the custom settings.

Conditional appearance - includes grouping's conditional appearance in the custom settings.

Nested groupings - includes contents of the nested groupings in the custom settings.

State field specifies the grouping use mode. If Disabled or Deleted by user is selected when you close the window, a warning is issued that the grouping cannot be included in the result. To change value selection, click Cancel and modify the State field.

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