Conditional Appearance

You can set usage area, application conditions and result appearance in the form.

On the Area tab, compose a list of formatted fields.

On the Filter tab, specify condition for formatting to be applied. This is set as a combination of various conditions or as single condition.

To set a condition, click Add and select New Item. Select a field (the left value), a comparison type and a condition value (the right value).

If you want to specify an additional condition, then after you set the condition for this item, click Add and select New Folder. Select the folder type: AND, OR, and NOT. Then create new condition item and set filter criteria for it. The folder type defines the condition for various filter items to be joined into the folder they belong to.
For the items that are not part of a folder and for the folders the joining condition is AND.

You can use custom (named) fields that were generated in the settings wizard on the User Fields tab.

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