Repository history report

Repository History Report is used to view repository history

In the Repository History window select the Actions - Repository History Report menu item.

The report parameters window will open.

In the Report by checkbox group you can select the way the line items will be grouped in the report. Within each group the lines are alphabetically sorted.

If repository versions view is selected, the line items will be grouped by version numbers. If objects view is selected, an information will be grouped by objects. If repository version comments view is selected, line items will be grouped by comments in repository history.

In the Create as control group you can select the report view mode (text or table document).

In the Options control group you can define additional report parameters.

To exclude comment rows starting with ""//..."", select an appropriate checkbox.

To select the objects to be reported on, as well as the date interval, click the Filter button. The selection criteria window opens for you to set filter properties.

When you are done, click OK to start report generation.

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