Interface Text Editing Options

To open dialog, select Edit - Edit Interface Text menu item.

On the Configuration tab, you can select configuration objects for editing interface texts. You can select All Configuration line in combo box to create a full list of configuration objects containing interface properties. You can perform search only for specific objects if you select this object in the combo box.

On the Configurations tab, you can specify precisely, down to the object, the configuration sections where the search will be performed. Besides base configuration, the list of configurations includes database configuration and open windows of repository configuration versions. For each configuration, you can set search scope (objects) or select the whole configuration. To set a search scope, activate a cell in the right column and press the selection button. Then select objects where search has to be performed.
On the Files tab, you can specify directory and file types where to perform search. If no directory is specified (you have left the Directory attribute blank), the system does not search in files. You can specify various file types (configuration files, external reports and data processors, spreadsheet documents and texts).

On the Modules tab, select the Search in NStr functions in modules checkbox if you want to determine where the NStr() operator is used in modules.

After you have selected required objects, click Find.

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