Interface text editing window options

To open settings dialog select Actions - Settings in the interface text editing window.

In the "Arrange columns" group you can specify column layout. "Horizontal" - arrange language columns horizontally. "Combined" - stack columns. "Combined, highlighting sort language" - arrange columns in the following way: the sort language column resides to the right of the Location column; the other language columns are stacked to the right of it. When you click the heading of a column it becomes new sort column and it takes place to the right of the Location column. The previous sort column takes place of the selected column. If there are only two languages, the columns are simply swapped.

If the "Display tree view on collapse" checkbox is checked, the collapsed strings are accessible, and the collapsed groups are displayed as tree.

If you set the "Open editors for changes" checkbox, the corresponding editors (form, spreadsheet document, etc.) will open each time you want to make a change to the text. It is recommended not to set this checkbox if you expect high number of search results.

If the "Highlight changed strings with different color" checkbox is set, the changed string text will be displayed in a different color.

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