Data Placement Dialog Box

The table contains a list of attributes for the configuration object, for which the form is created.

When the form is created, in line Data to the left of the attribute name, the attributes that will be placed in the form are checked. 

If the dialog box is displayed a second time, the controls already placed in the form are checked. If you uncheck a control, it will be removed from the form.

In the Form controls column, specify the type of the control (if appropriate).

If the check box Insert labels is selected when an attribute is placed in the form, additionally the label will be placed from the Synonym property if it is defined, or from the ID property otherwise.

If the Arrange in dialog automatically check box was selected, the attributes will be placed in the dialog box automatically when you click OK. If the check box was not selected, when you click OK you need to show the area where the attributes will be placed on the form with the mouse pointer.

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