Print wizard for external data source dimension table

At the first step, the wizard propmts you select a command for generating a print template. The default command is Print.
If this command is already present, you can select it and the wizard will overwrite it.
You can select a command from a list of available ones.
When you click Next, the wizard proceeds to selection of attributes that will be included in the print template header.  Use the arrow buttons to create the list of attributes.
When you click Next, the wizard proceeds to selection of the command group that will include the print command.  
In the Group that includes the command field, click the selection button and select a group. Specify the print and output parameters, if necessary.
At the last step, specify the command where the group belongs and specify the view mode of the print form. If the Print without preview check box is selected, the "Read only" table and Table protection check boxes are not available.
Click OK to complete the wizard.

The wizard generates the template and the specified command, which will include the CommandProcessing() and Print() procedures, and the Print() procedure in the manager module.

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