EnumManager.<Enumeration name>.GetChoiceData




<Parameters> (required)

Type: Structure.
Contains parameters for generating a value list.
This is a structure that should contain the following keys:
  • Filter - the filter used when searching for data, Structure type; values of filter items can have the Array, ValueList, FixedArray types or other type, which is not a collection; for the Array, ValueList, FixedArray types the comparison is performed using InList comparison type, otherwise the comparison type is Equal;
  • SearchString - contains the string, used in data search; contains Undefined value for a quick choice.

Returned value:

Type: ValueList.


Generates a list of choice values for the string input, autocomplete text and quick choice.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).
Calling the method executes a server call.


If two parameters are specified in method in the manager module, then the GetChoiceData global context method is called.
Method execution results in calling the ChoiceDataGetProcessing event.


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