<Filter> (optional)

Type: Structure.
Specifies a filter field and value of the opened selection. The structure key refers to a field name, while the structure value refers to the key filter value. You can use the "ObjectKey", "SettingsKey", "User" fields as filter fields.
If there is no corresponding property in the item, then this meanse that there is not filter by a field.
If the filter by user is not set or the user, which is not current, is specified, i.e. when attempting to call the settings which do not belong to the current user, then the "Data administration" right is required for the current user. This way if user, who does not possess the "Data administration" right, requests for selection without filter by current user, then the "Access violation" error will occur.
If parameter is not specified, then the fielter is not used.

Returned value:

Type: StandardSettingsStorageSelection.


Generates a selection from the standard settings storage by specified conditions.


Server, thick client, external connection.


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