SettingsStorageManager.<Storage name>.SetDescription


SetDescription(<ObjectKey>, <SettingsKey>, <SettingsDescription>, <UserName>)


<ObjectKey> (required)

Type: Arbitrary.
Settings object key.

<SettingsKey> (optional)

Type: Arbitrary.
Settings key.
If is set to Undefined, a new settings key will be generated and returned.

<SettingsDescription> (required)

Type: SettingsDescription.
Setting description.

<UserName> (optional)

Type: String.
Name of the user whose settings description is to be specified.
If it is not specified, description of the current user settings is specified.

Returned value:

Type: Arbitrary.


Sets description of settings in a storage.
Calls the handler, SetDescriptionProcessing.


Server, thick client, external connection.


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